#1. No photo. Bad photo. Wrong photo. The web is an impersonal place.  If you want to connect with people on an emotional level, you need to make it personal.  Your headshot can help with this.  But all headshots are not created equal.  Make sure yours is on-brand and of high quality.  Invest in a headshot taken by a professional.  Don’t use a photo your mother took of you at last year’s family beach outing.  Don’t use a selfie.  And make sure you’re facing forward or to the left (looking into your content).  When you’re looking off-screen, it sends a subtle message that you don’t believe your own content.  Now that LinkedIn uses your photo to show how you’re connected to others and those you endorse, your headshot is visible well beyond your own profile.


"Here is my choice.  Tough to choose, you did a great job!  Thank you." A.L.
"Thank you for sending this over, these were great!"  M.L.
"I like it! Thank you SO much! "  C.S.
"Looks great, Bart! Thank you!"   B.R.
"Hi Bart – the shots look great!"  D.M.

This is Robyn. She likes to take Bart's images and make them even more amazing in Photoshop.

Blemishes, shiny face, circles and lines around your eyes, stray hairs and double chins are gone once Robyn get's her her hands on your image.

A Great Head Shot, Why Bother?

Let's be honest.  Be it a Linkedin profile,  Website, Bio or CV., a profile image is the first thing you look at. Period. It is what it is. Human nature.  Does that mean that you you have to be one of the "beautiful people" in order to post your image. Absolutely not!!  But the care you put into the presentation of your picture should match the effort you put into the rest of the information you want your readers to consume.  Be professional.  Use a professional photographer.  Make sure you look your best and put forth your best image.  It's that simple.

Onsite Head Shots

"you never get a second chance to make a first impression"

- Oscar Wilde

"Bart, these photos are great! So many to choose from! You made the process easy and the final product is amazing!  You definitely have an eye for photography!"  -Sarah S.

Convenient, Exceptional Quality, Affordable

This is Bart. He likes to take awesome head shots!

He's a great guy and an even better photographer. Fun to be around, he'll totally set you at ease during your photo session. Oh, and he's done this before, a few thousand times for the last 30 years!

The following is from "10 LinkedIn Blunders That Make You Look Like An Amateur" (via Forbes) 

BY WILLIAM ARRUBA, Contributor at Forbes