What Should I Wear?

  • Your Hair...Wear it as you normally do, don't do anything radically different.
  • Make-up...Maybe a touch more than normal but don't go overboard.
  • Your Clothes...Solid colors are best.   Remember, light colors make you look larger and dark colors make you look smaller. But be careful with black.  Black absorbs all of the light which makes it difficult to obtain good skin tones and still retain detail in the clothing.   Avoid large patterns and stripes.  Bring a couple of ties if you cant decide.   Avoid herring bone and tweed fabrics as they cause a 'moire' (paisley) effect.
  • Jewelry...Simple jewelry is fine.  Avoid large reflective metals.

Professional Women Need A Professional Portrait-  Lisa Quast, Forbes contributor

​"How you look in a picture with your professional business profile and contact information is sometimes the first time a person will actually see you.  And when they look at your picture, what will their perception be about you?"